Meet the experts

Sandrine is a Lean Sensei: she works with startup and scaleup founders and their leadership teams to apply lean thinking to grow their business. Her main focus is products and how to design organizations that support their creation and improvement over the long haul. She has coached dozens of teams in using the concepts and methods described in her upcoming book "Build To Sell" to deliver high-quality products on time and within budget to delight customers. She also coaches managers in using lean thinking to manage their whole department, to foster collaboration, value creation, and people development. She has 28 years of professional experience in the high-tech world

She is a trained computer scientist and was a high-tech product engineer herself for many years, in the US and then in Europe. She teaches lean management and product design/development in several of France’s leading universities. She co-authored the first French book about Lean for agile teams, LeanAgileCamp. She co-wrote with world-renowned author Michael Balle the first ever book about the job of Lean Sensei, which was awarded a Shingo Prize.

Sandrine enjoys painting, opera singing, jazz dance, and going for long walks on the beach.

Flavian is a software engineer at heart. He has held several CTO positions with different startups and scaleups. He now works as a freelance CTO with various digital companies and he uses lean methodologies to help them scale their product and engineering teams. With Sicara, Flavian coached engineering teams in applying lean principles to develop their knowledge and the quality of their software products.

He has created and facilitated several technical communities of practice, including a TechRocks CTO book club, where teams share knowledge and experiment together. At Apricity, he developed a quality-first approach where the number of critical bugs and production incidents was reduced ten-fold in 1 year which helped the company increase its growth rate. With Ocus, he has been implementing a radical approach to quality which he describes in the book "Build To Sell" he is co-authoring with Sandrine and Caroline.

Flavian has been a piano player since the age of 6 and leads a band called Toucan. He also enjoys surfing in his spare time.

Caroline is Chief Product Officer with BAM, a  successful web development firm that is part of the international high-tech Theodo group. Caroline is passionate about user experience and discovery, as she knows it is the key to creating products that truly bring value to users and businesses. She is a researcher at heart: she built the product design and development practice in her company and is constantly seeking new, innovative ways of designing and building digital products. She holds a master’s degree in product design from a top 10 French university.

Caroline is also a digital enthusiast. A trained computer scientist, she loves solving problems, especially for customers.  She is a regular speaker at French conferences and leads a product design community.

Apart from conceiving digital products for a large variety of clients and applications, Caroline enjoys photography and architecture.